Projects – Ofdast Network


What are we working on?

HANTARKAN is an On-Demand Same-Day Delivery eco-system aimed to empower the small businesses, new online sellers to have access to cheaper delivery service.


We equip our merchants with their own seller account so they are able to have control over their product inventory and prices.


Not only that, we also aim to provide the cheapest commission fees in the market for any marketplace platform offering same-day delivery service. As long as you have a product that needs to be delivered within a radius of 30km, we are here to ensure you get the best prices.

Hantarjer is another same-day. last-mile, point-to-point delivery eco-system. Through Hantarjer, it allows users to have access to our network of riders.


With Hantarjer, users can now get cheaper delivery prices for their last-mile delivery requirements.


Hantarjer is specifically developed to complement Hantarkan App Eco-System

We also aim to give the one of the cheapest rates in commission charged to our riders in the market, thus enabling our riders to earn more than ever.

The Syndicate is our F&B project producing double chocolate cookies & Cereal in Jars. Currently we have agents in Singapore & Malaysia.


This project enables our agents to earn an income selling our products online.